Vendita legname, Tavolame, Giuntature
The Vergani Carlo & Figlio company is rooted in half a century of experience that Carlo tenaciously and passionately built up from the early age of twelve.
In 1947 Carlo Vergani was ready to take the decisive step of leaving his job and investing in the wood veneering trade and, together with his brother, Alfredo, founded the F.lli Vergani Tranciati e Legnami company.
They began purchasing large quantities of wood from around Italy and Europe selecting materials coming from overseas from the storage depots of major ports. Around the mid sixties they expanded and needed more space hence, the new premises in via Manzoni were built.
Unfortunately, in 1983 Alfredo unexpectedly died but luckily Carlo was joined by his young son Giovanni.
Hence in 1984, the company took on the name of Vergani Carlo & Figlio S.n.c. and with the solid experience of its founders and the energy and enthusiasm of the younger generation was able to reinforce itself and create the stimulation needed to face the new challenges coming from the market. In fact, a matter of great pride to Carlo and his son Giovanni were the innumerable stacks of sawn wood strips carefully lined up over the 4,600 square metres of the five floors of the warehouses.
In the Vergani warehouses dozens upon dozens of different woods can be found, each of which comes in the full range of thicknesses demanded by the market to satisfy a wide range of needs.
These include the less prestigious conifer woods, the most sought after North American exotic woods, the superior European light walnut and the fascination of teak, a true benchmark for the nautical market, and the exclusive black palm tree wood from Ecuador for which our company is the sole importer in Italy and Switzerland.

All of this has made Vergani Carlo a leading benchmark for many large industries and craftsmen in the sector who operate in Italy and abroad and are looking for top quality guarantees of the materials they purchase. Through our fifty years of being in business, we have been able to establish our name with two generations bursting with passion for their work combined with a serious approach based on their well grounded experience and professionalism: this is what Vergani Carlo S.n.c. stands for today.
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