Vendita legname, Tavolame, Giuntature
giuntatura tranciati, lavorazione legno, legno di rovere

Vergani in Cesano Maderno, in the Province of Monza and Brianza, is a leading company in everything that concerns wood and its derivatives. In particular, we also trim and splice sawn wood strips using latest generation machinery in accordance with avant-garde techniques. We can offer a vast choice because the woods and sawn wood strips we use come from every corner of the world..

We only use avant-garde systems

Our company carries out splicing workings on sawn wood strips. This phase is carried out using automatic equipment or in the case of the tree roots, manual techniques. The splicing is usually done after having made a careful selection of the materials and prior to the finishing phases. Our company pays a great deal of attention to these aspects as we are well aware of the fact that the quality lies in the handling and the details. In this way, we make products for the furniture industry and furnishings in general which are exported throughout the world.

Quality certification

In addition, our company produces all types of wood veneers and boards for the wholesale and retail trade. Vergani belongs to the Genuine Wood Consortium (Consorzio Vero Legno) which has the objective of promoting wood and its derivatives. Coming to us at Vergani means being able to count on a company which offers certified quality.
We are the sole Black Palm wood importer in Italy. This wood is based on cultivated and environmentally friendly materials and does not come from cutting down forests.
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