Vendita legname, Tavolame, Giuntature

Vergani, with premises in Cesano Maderno, in the Province of Monza and Brianza, is a leading company in the production of wood veneers. Our company can produce sheets in a variety of thicknesses which are suitable for making a wide range of furniture frames and components.

Our woods are amongst the most prestigious

We also highly prestigious woods for use as covering materials. Just think of teak, ebony or walnut and the effect these woods generate on domestic ambiences. The operations we carry out at our company are done using modern machinery and top quality materials in order to produce veneers capable of conferring an aesthetically appealing look to the product as well as offering a wide versatility of use.

Use of veneers

In the building trade as in the furniture trade, veneer panels can be used for making lightweight structures and elements which, at the same time, come in warm and welcoming shades thanks to the sawn wood strip surface. These elements can easily be polished and painted giving even and planed surfaces which are perfect for the industrial and Do It Yourself sectors.
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