The Vergani company operates in producing sawn wood strips from all over the world thanks to its special knowledge of every type of wood. This allows our operators to treat all the materials in the best possible way without risking that the quality or prestigious characteristics are compromised.

We work throughout the Province of Milan

The Vergani company in Cesano Maderno, in the Province of Monza and Brianza, boasts many years of experience in every area that concerns wood and its derivatives. We use the best technologies and employ highly skilled operators who are continuously updated on the new techniques and methodologies for wood working. Every treatment is rigorously followed by our company with top level professionalism and competence in order to guarantee that the finished product displays to the best the beauty of the wood and that it will fully satisfy the needs of our most demanding customers.

Professional services for wood working

The Vergani company also carries out splicing works on sawn wood strips and veneering on wood. With these operations we can produce highly resistant panels covered with woods with a high aesthetic appeal. For more information on our products and the woods we treat as well as on the services we perform, please don’t hesitate to contact our company and get a free quote. 
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