Vendita legname, Tavolame, Giuntature
Paxiubão (Iriartea deltoidea)
La ditta lavora legnami innovativi.
Scientific name: Iriartea deltoidea
Family: Arecaceae
Common names: paxiubão, castiçal, baxiúba, zancona, bombom, barriguda.
Morphology: single trunk palm tree, characterised by its aerial shoots which reach heights of 15 -20 metres. The fruit are small, round and greenish.
La falegnameria propone arredi di palma.
Uses: in parks and gardens, mainly for its ornamental features. The wood from this tree is highly prestigious and resistant and used in canoe construction, rural housing, the luxury furniture industry and in the production of decorative products. The native population put this wood to heavy use for producing a range of utensils and flutes. Its fruit provides tempting food for local fauna. Its spherical seeds have a beautiful natural design and are heavily used in the production of environmentally friendly jewellery.
Distribution: Latin America. In Brazil it is widely found in Amazonia. It grows on sandy and humid terrains on river banks.
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