Production of jointed wood panels

We make wood joints for specific requests and desired properties that the final product must have. Through the joining process we go to create panels or larger wooden components starting from smaller pieces. Wooden planks with greater stability and structural strength.

We produce jointed wood panels that can be glued to substrates such as plywood, laminated or blockboard.

We carefully select the boards, carrying out a process that guarantees a uniform and well-polished surface. We have a fleet of latest generation machines, which allows us to cut the boards so as to have straight and parallel edges. Bonding is done using strong, moisture resistant adhesives.

Vergani Carlo Snc mainly produces wood joints in fir, pine, oak, mahogany, ash and birch for the construction of surfaces, such as worktops, shelves, tables and other structural elements in wood.

Below are some examples of constructions with wooden joints.